Latest Web Design Trends To Enhance Your Online Identity

  • Date: 12 / October / 2019
  • Post By: Admin
Latest Web Design Trends To Enhance Your Online Identity

Knowing that you and your enterprise are a part of the modern world which is defined by the ever changing trends in the sphere of information technology should give you enough incentive to change the way to promote your business. Most marketing experts cite the use of latest web design trends as the most effective means of enhancing your business value. Intersmart Solution is a Web design company Dubai that has provided attractive and trendy Web designs to customers around the world.


UI Patterns Gain Immense Popularity

The widespread popularity and adoption of responsive designs by customers have resulted in a large number of websites with strikingly identical designs. It is quite well known that WordPress sides have major role to play in increasing the number of identical responsive designs. However changes brought about by UI patterns have by and large altered the way we look at web. As a result what you see today is almost unrecognizable from the patterns you saw a while ago.

Spicing Up Conventional Forms Of Account Registration

While not the most salient feature of website, you always stumble on regular pattern created for account registration. It is absolutely vital that you think of ascribing more advance design patterns to Account registration. You may start with adding fill out form or clickable button directed to your social media platform. Adding more fluidity in navigation to the account registration process will draw more visitors to your Website.

Stick To The Long Scroll Model

It is high time all developers come out together to admit that it is no longer considered cool to place every important component in a page above the fold. Today if you go by the latest statistics you will learn that the advent of mobile devices have meant people have become more comfortable with using longer scrolls. The discovery and application of latest techniques have made your website more user-friendly and multi-dimensional in appearance.

Experiment With Refreshing Animations

Animations are known for adding a whole new dimension to websites. Normally an artistically created animation will not only give lively ambient to your website but also add aesthetics to its overall appearance. Today animations have been widely used as a means of telling different stories through websites. Animations have the capacity to interact and entertain the onlookers simultaneously. You have to exercise great caution while deciding where to apply animation in your website.


The internet world is completely driven by the system of Micro Interactions. One can find multiple instances and process on Internet that is heavily influenced by Micro interactions. Such is everyday influence Micro-interactions have on your life that you have most probably started your day by using it in one way or another. Most apps and devices have some kinds of Micro interactions installed in them.

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