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PPC Services: Achieve Record Revenue with PPC that delivers

Unable to achieve breakeven with your current business plans? Looking for ways to improve your website traffic and subsequent conversions? Pay Per Click is an excellent way to boost your revenue by increasing your SERP rankings. PPC campaigns enable your website to be shown first to your target audience thereby increasing the chances of conversions.

PPC Agency - Focused on Highly Targeted Audience

Digital Marketing has been evolving since the start of the internet. Targeting audiences based on specific result orient factors have become more prominent with the help of advanced analytical tools. PPC campaigns give you the opportunity to choose your target audience based on demographics, age, gender, type of profession, etc. These types of campaigns yield very specific and accurate leads that are easily converted as opposed to the mass marketing which was earlier used.

Intersmart has been delivering innovative solutions to clients in UAE since its inception. Knowing the UAE market trends and audience perspective gives an edge over other competitors when it comes to implementing PPC campaigns. Our client base includes some of the prominent players in various industries and their target audience are equally diverse. Our PPC campaigns have been successful in delivering quality leads resulting in increased brand awareness, inbound traffic, and revenue growth.

So if you are looking for the best SEO agency in UAE, you have reached the right place.

Achieve record revenue with PPC that delivers

PPC advertising can give positive results as soon as the ad campaign goes live, almost within 24 hours if done correctly. PPC is extremely popular for businesses that are particularly interested in making quick revenue or leveraging a short-term marketing window like product launches, seasonal sales, special events, holidays, etc. Unlike SEO services which take months to get accurate results, PPC achieves the desired results within a short period of time. PPC also benefits the SEO ranking in the long run because of increased brand recognition and familiarity.

Our experts do a thorough analysis of the competitors and the overall market before finalizing the keywords to focus on the PPC campaigns. Unless properly refined, the chances of scoring lower in Ad Auctions increase leading to lesser ROI. Also, another important factor we consider is Geo-Targeting those who include a specific location in their search terms and/or are initiating their searches from specific geographic areas. This helps in improved conversions and ultimately higher revenues.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing consists of a wide choice of tools, techniques, and strategies that a company uses to generate more inbound traffic to their website from search engine results pages (SERPS). Promoting a website’s visibility using paid search, organic search rankings and contextual advertising are the ultimate goals of SEM. SEM is accepted as a broader concept that covers both SEO and PPC together. In essence, it is a marketing strategy that involves managing a brand’s online presence and visibility in search engines. A prime example of SEM platform is Google Ads.

The term Search Engine Optimization(SEO) only involves organic (unpaid) optimization strategies & techniques that are implemented to improve a website’s performance based on Google or Bing’s(search engines) ranking algorithms. It takes into account if a website is designed ideally and optimized correctly to be able to naturally bring in traffic through search results. This means it may take more time to arrive at the desired results. SEM on the other hand means taking advantage of all the marketing tools available in search engines to quickly and effortlessly appear at the top positions in the SERPs by paying for Ads. These paid ad results will be depicted with the word “Ad” at the top left corner of the search result.

PPC only comes under SEM when it is used to improve visibility in search engine keywords. In all other instances like paid PPC campaigns on FB and other platforms, PPC has its own definition.

Creating a Successful SEM Campaign

The degree to which a Search Engine Marketing campaign is successful will differ from one another. Some campaigns focus on increased website traffic while others solely focus on improved revenue inflow. Our versatile team of experienced digital marketers understands the requirements of our clients and focuses exclusively on achieving the expected results.

We believe in delivering results with hard proof and data. Our wide range of analytical tools makes the results achieved precisely measurable. No matter the challenge, our team of experts is always ready to embark on the quest for perfection. SEM marketing is the easiest way to achieve adequate exposure even for a new and budding company. In fact, without SEM it would take months(if not years) before we start noticing new and innovative brands because of the SEO gained by established brands over the years.

Ad Creative & Ad Text – The concept development and placement of elements in the Ad creatives make a huge impact in driving the brand to the end-users. Brilliantly done visuals along with precisely worded Ad Text amplifies the popularity and share worthiness of an Ad Creative. Social Sharing has plenty of benefits including brand awareness, wider reach among peer audiences, and reduced marketing costs. The return on investment per campaign will increase if the campaign is done by professionals with the required know-how.

Targeting Audiences & Keywords – Although the internet offers users from across the globe, not everybody is your target audience. Increasing website traffic just for the sake of it is a futile and unnecessary process. Then again, it is not easy to triangulate the exact target audience that will definitely convert once they do visit the landing pages. The same is the case for keywords. Our expertise in handling multi-industry and multi-national clients gives us a competitive edge in the United Arab Emirates which is known to harbor people of every ethnicity and demographics.

High-Converting Landing Pages & Sales Funnel – Marketing campaigns will only achieve its true potential if it is backed by an equally competent landing page. We always suggest and help our clients to optimize the landing pages to make them highly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Efficiently placed elements and prompt loading speed will make it easier to reduce the bounce rate and capture lead details using Call to Action buttons. The sales funnel created can be used for future campaigns as well. With hundreds of other websites that cater to the same products and services, retaining the user interest is of paramount importance to increase conversion.

Building A Google Search PPC Campaign – Google ranks number one in all the available search engines. So naturally, your competitors would also be running Google search PPC campaigns offering services and products similar to yours. The key is to stand out from the crowd with new and innovative marketing campaigns. Brainstorming and implementing the accurate goals for your Google search PPC campaigns is something we specialize in. Our digital marketing experts do a complete competitor analysis and a detailed market study to stay one step ahead at all times. So if you want to be on the winning side of the competition, contact us at the earliest.

Launch Search Engine Marketing Strategy

In order to develop and launch an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy, a detailed analysis of the most effective keywords and intended keywords need to be in place. Investing in the wrong keywords may end up increasing the website traffic, but the desired outcome like placing an order, subscribing to the content, or signing up for a free trial would remain unachieved. The whole purpose of digital marketing is to increase sales and brand awareness. So reaching the relevant audience is crucial to the success of the marketing strategy.

The field of digital marketing is extremely competent and by choosing Intersmart Solution, our customers instantly stand to gain from the years of experience in perfecting different strategies by our team of experts. We take into consideration the following key factors(and many more) when formulating marketing campaigns.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increasing the visibility of a website using white hat practices to ensure long-term dominance.
  • Search Retargeting: Increasing the visibility of ads to those who search keywords related to your service.
  • Remarketing: Increasing the frequency of ads to users who visited your website and showed interest before moving on.
  • Customized Paid Listings: Paid listings with relevant content customized to your advantage.
  • Social Media Management: Managing different social media accounts of the brand to effectively engage the target audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Using social media platforms to reach potential customers in their comfort zone without waiting for them to come searching.
  • Keeping abreast of market trends: Changing the course of the campaign based on the changing trends and competitor analysis.
  • Utilization of online directories: Tie up with various online search directories(local and international) and add brand details.
FAQs about PPC firms
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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click is an online advertising model that is used to drive traffic to websites. It is a cost-effective advertisement plan in which the advertiser pays a publisher only when the ad is clicked by a user. In order for the ads to show as the results on a keyword in the search engine, advertisers must bid on the terms they want to display in a process called the Ad Auction. This is an entirely automated process that is used by major search engines including Google to determine the relevance and validity of advertisements that appear on their Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).

What is the Cost of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Pay-per-click advertising offers a much greater level of control compared to traditional paid advertising strategies. One of the main reasons to use PPC advertising is because businesses can monitor and control how their budget is spent at a granular level.

There’s no specific paid barrier to entry along with no minimum ad budget. Each business owner can choose the amount to spend on their campaigns. Moreover, you only pay for the clicks in common paid ads styles like search engine PPC. The cost of a PPC campaign cannot be generalized because of many affecting factors but the average cost may range from 30 cents to $2.

How Can Pay Per Click Compliment an SEO Campaign?

Search engine optimization and search engine PPC go hand in hand. Both will be targeting the same keywords, for the same audiences on the same platforms to increase the SEO rankings along with getting highlighted in the PPC campaigns.

Businesses that optimize both equally are bound to improve SEO rankings even though there is no proven direct link between SEO rankings and PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Improving the site and content for a better Google Quality Score to rank higher in Ad Auction inadvertently improves the SEO ranking as well. Besides PPC campaigns work wonders for increasing brand awareness which helps the SEO conversions in the long run.

Advantages of Pay Per Click?

PPC has plenty of benefits and almost no negative repercussions. A few of the advantages are mentioned below:

  1. Higher Return on Investment(ROI) is seen because of increased visibility
  2. Pocket-friendly mode of the digital marketing campaign that only charges as and when the ads are clicked. Also, you can set a cutoff for the cost incurred to keep the campaign within budget
  3. Lower Bounce rates since the search results are specific to the keywords that are searched by the users
  4. Improved SEO rankings
  5. Quality of leads is improved
  6. Conversions are naturally higher
  7. Prompt results for campaigns will be attained using PPC
Why Intersmart For PPC Management Services?

Since its inception, Intersmart has strived hard to be one of the leading PPC management services in the UAE. Our portfolio boasts of top players in different industries who trust us to handle their digital marketing activities including PPC campaigns. We have highly experienced marketing professionals, PPC campaign team, SEO experts, content creators, and digital marketing specialists with years of experience learning and developing unique strategies to tackle the various challenges that come our way.

Our digital marketing packages that include PPC are very competitively priced and we have a history of preventing unnecessary expenditures for all our clients. We think from our client’s perspective and focus on the maximum return on investment.

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