The Most Anticipated Developments To Take The Digital Landscape By Storm In 2017

  • Date: 12 / October / 2019
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The Most Anticipated Developments To Take The Digital Landscape By Storm In 2017

The year 2016 saw the emergence of various digital marketing strategies that made massive strides. The year 2017 seems to be heading to new era of advancement in the growing industry. Digital marketing today remains to be a far from finished article that will continue to enjoy unprecedented progress and maturity in 2017. If none of this rings familiar bells for the readers, then they should perhaps remind themselves about the impending increase in the complexity, data availability and ROI.

Rapid rise in the cross-device functionality

The year 2016 has served as the breeding ground for technologies such as cross-device. The developing trend points towards a rapid increase in the adoption of more and more cross-devise operation by a large number of users. Once the cross device functionality enters the mainstream, it will be almost impossible to stop it from exploding. The year 2017 is expected to see a growth in the cross-devie functionality as the technology will pave the way for an improved user engagement and targeting across the board.

Taking over of the digital world by Programmatic

Perhaps it is bit too early to predict whether 2017 will usher in total revolution of programmatic in the field of digital marketing. The latest trends however demonstrate that brands may well be gravitating towards spending on programmatic. Today whether you like it or not marketing experts find themselves collapsing under the pressure of having to show tangible results to clients. The advent of video and live media platforms backed by the use of programmatic has so far outperformed the conventional marketing strategies. Growing trend towards programmatic looks set to open on new platforms in 2017.


Next year will bear witness to a battle of identities

One thing that every marketer seems to agree up on is unpredictable behavior of brands. Most brands these days seem to be going from attribution model to the other while being increasingly dependent on cross device. If you are going stand any chance of survival in an increasingly competitive environment you have to start working on ways to improve the brand identity. As a digital marketer it is highly advisable for you to keep tabs on the latest regulations controlling acquisition and exchange of data.

Tipped to be a year in the making for Artificial intelligence

All of the media space has been flooded with a plethora of reports about the arrival of Artificial intelligence (AI) at the digital landscape. So, is 2017 the year that will bring about the dominance of Artificial intelligence in the digital world? As marketer there may not be a better way to succeed in the era of Artificial intelligence than by keeping yourself attuned to latest developments. With the arrival of Artificial intelligence digital marketing will reach unprecedented level, therefore learn the most effective means of controlling the AI operations.

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